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Theological Declaration

1 December 2012
“Your God is my God, your land is my land “. With these words Ruth delivered a testimony of faith and solidarity with her mother in law, Naomi

We, the Papuan Solidarity Group, who have worked in the land of Papua, wish to express our grave concern about the fate of the Papuan population.

The Papuans have said: “Your God is our God”, receiving the Good News of the Gospel.
You have said “Your land is our land” , meaning, the land is of the Lord, for the Papuan people to live in, in harmony with nature in prosperity and welfare, according to the prayer of the first missionaries, Ottow and Geissler.

We know of your sufferings, bleeding Biak, Waena, Wamena, Wasior, Sorong, Mulia, Timika, Nabire, etc. We know of  the Act of Free Choice, which left the Papuans frustrated.
We know of your wish to have a peaceful dialogue with international mediation with the Indonesian government.

We have expressed our grave concern about your suffering and the exploitation of your natural resources, and the ongoing gross violations of human rights, in a meeting with the leadership of the Protestant Churches, the “Moderamen”.

This is the moment of truth “KAIROS “, to tell the world that the Papuan people are threatened with extinction.

We are praying for the Papuan population, for the Papuan prisoners, who are deprived of access of the International Red Cross,
for the pregnant women, the youngsters, men and children, who fled to the bush,living in fear of their lives,
for the Papuan refugees in Papua New Guinea,
for the Papuans living in exile, all over the world.
We are praying for the Papuan Church leadership, wishing that the peaceful dialogue with international mediation will soon materialize.

Our prayers are also for the  President of Indonesia, who has received the delegation of Papuan Churches, to give room for this peaceful dialogue with international mediation, to seek a peaceful solution, so that the Papuan people can live peacefully and prosperous, according to the intent of their Creator who has shaped them after His Own image.

The Papuan Solidarity Group,

ds Henk v.d.Steeg,
Dr At Ipenburg,
zr Trijntje Huistra,
drs Anneke van Baal,
Janke Winia,
Betty Ireeuw-Kaisiepo,
Hindrik van der Meer,
drs Frank Hubatka (overleden)

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